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Together We Can End Hunger and Improve Health

Millions of Americans struggle with hunger. Millions more struggle with diet-related diseases—like heart disease and diabetes, some of the leading causes of death and disability in the United States. While the effects of hunger impact many Americans, that toll disproportionately impacts underserved communities, communities of color, low-income families and rural Americans.

A smiling young woman holding a bag of food

Working to End Hunger and
Promote Healthy Communities

Creating a space for any organization—big and small—to make a difference by working together for a common cause to support ending hunger and improving health across the United States.

About Us
Image of a brightly colored array of fruits and vegetables from overhead.

1 in 4

Households have experienced food insecurity

19 Million

The number of Americans living in food deserts, meaning they have inadequate access to groceries

$77.5 Billion

The estimated extra spent annually on healthcare in America due to poor diet

Our Goals

Image of children outside with their arms raised

End Hunger in America

Creating a transformative impact on ending food insecurity and hunger through partnerships and research.

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Build Healthy Communities

Creating better access to affordable and healthy foods for all communities.

People exercising on yoga mats outside

Encourage Physical Activity

Creating safe spaces for everyone to be physically active.

Work in Action

Mass General Brigham

In March 2023, Mass General Brigham opened the Revere Food Pantry. This new food pantry was not only to supply food to those in need, but also a teaching kitchen designed to serve as an educational opportunity for both adults and children. Here, they are learning the importance of preparing nutritious and delicious meals with ingredients readily available at the pantry.

Map of the United States wtih various cities highlighted.

All Americans deserve access to affordable and nutritious foods. We need to understand and address the root causes of hunger and structural and systemic inequities. Achieving this goal will require collective action. We must come together as a nation to help our communities and neighbors and find solutions to put an end to hunger.
Judy Monroe, MD

President and CEO

CDC Foundation

Image of a smiling volunteer holding ears of corn in both hands

We Can All End Hunger

Achieving this goal will require collective action. Whether you are a government entity, business, foundation, academic institution, association or individual, you can play a role in this critical effort.

Get Involved